Delectopecten zacae

(Hertlein, 1935)



Original name   Pecten (Delectopecten) zacae Hertlein, 1935
Autoreference   Hertlein, 1935: 321, pl. 18, figs 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10.
Reference   Hertlein, L.G., 1935. The Templeton Crocker Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences, 1932. No. 25. The Recent Pectinidae. - Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences (4) 21: 301-326, pls 18-19.
Type data   Syntypes [as Pecten (Pseudamusium) panamensis Dall, 1908] in Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC (USNM 106895, 122865, 122866, 122867, 122868). Type locality not specified: "Albatross" 3354, 3389, 3396, 3407, 3422 [Mexico to the Galapagos Islands].

  Shell up to ca. 22 mm high, thin, oblique postero-ventrally, weakly inflated, higher than wide, left valve slightly more convex than right valve, inequivalve, inequilateral, anterior auricles larger than posterior, umbonal angle ca. 125 degrees, colour whitish or yellowish, semi-transparent to opaque.

  Left and right valve smooth or with antimarginal microsculpture and 40-65 fine radial riblets and commarginal growth lines with scales on intersections. Sculpture on right valve weaker. Auricles similar sculptured and continuous with disc. Anterior auricles of right valve demarcated from disc with 4-6 radial ridges. Byssal notch relatively deep, byssal fasciole rather broad, functional ctenolium with 3-10 teeth, sometimes lacking.



Gulf of California to Panama Bay, Galapagos Islands

Habitat   Living bathyally on soft bottom assemblages.
Remarks   Pecten (Delectopecten) zacae Hertlein, 1935 is a replacement name for Pecten (Pseudamusium) panamensis Dall, 1908 (not of Pecten panamensis Dall, 1898 = Pecten fasciculatus Hinds, 1845). See also Kabat (1996: 16).