Delectopecten vitreus

(Gmelin, 1791)




Original name   Ostrea vitrea Gmelin, 1791
Autoreference   Gmelin, 1791: 3328.
Reference   Gmelin, J.F., 1791. Caroli Linnaei systema naturae per regna tria naturae. Ed. 13, aucta, reformata, Vermes Testacea I (6): 3021-4120. Beer, Lipsiae.
Type data   Syntypes in the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen (ZMUC BIV 54-55). Type locality: "Oceano septentrionali" [N Atlantic Ocean].

  Shell up to ca. 20 mm high, thin, circular, weakly inflated, nearly equally convex, inequivalve, nearly equilateral, auricles nearly equal size, unequal in shape, umbonal angle ca. 110 degrees, transparent to opaque, whitish.

  Left and right valve smooth (var. abyssorum) or with antimarginal microsculpture and commarginal rows of small vesicles. Posterior auricles continuous with disc and similar sculptured as disc. Anterior auricle of right valve demarcated from disc with 3-5 radial riblets. Byssal notch deep, byssal fasciole rather broad, ctenolium well-developed with 3-4 teeth.




Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, E Canada, W Europe, Mediterranean Sea, W Africa to Namibia

Habitat   Living lower littorally and bathyally on soft bottom assemblages, often attached to calcareous algae and often associated with brachiopods, crinoids, coralline or sponge.