Veprichlamys versipellis

Dijkstra & Kastoro, 1997




Original name  Veprichlamys versipellis Dijkstra & Kastoro, 1997
Autoreference   Dijkstra & Kastoro, 1997: 270, figs 114-131.
Reference   Dijkstra, H.H. & W.W. Kastoro, 1997. Mollusca Bivalvia: Pectinoidea (Propeamussiidae and Pectinidae) from eastern Indonesia. In: A. Crosnier & P. Bouchet (eds). Résultats des Campagnes MUSORSTOM, vol. 16. - Mémoires du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle 172: 245-285.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 23.4 mm, L 20.0 mm, D 6.1 mm) Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) at Paris. Type locality: Indonesia, Arafura Sea, E of Tanimbar Islands, 8*01'S, 132*51'E, 271-273 m, dead (KARUBAR stn CP 46).

  Shell up to ca. 35 mm high, weakly inflated, somewhat obliquely ovate, higher than wide, equivalve and subequilateral, auricles strongly unequal, umbonal angle ca. 90 degrees, basic colour creamy, with pink reddish-dots on left valve, right valve paler.

  Both valves sculptured with numerous (ca. 40), irregularly spaced primary and secondary squamous radial riblets. Shagreen microsculpture above central part of disc and near ventral margin. Anterior auricle of left valve with 10 radial riblets, posterior with 6, interspaces reticulated. Byssal notch moderately deep, byssal fasciole broad. Functional ctenolium on suture (ca. 4 teeth).



E Indonesia (TL)

Habitat  Shells at bathyal depths, not yet live collected.