Delectopecten vancouverensis

(Whiteaves, 1893)



    H 29 mm  

Original name   Pecten (Pseudamusium) vancouverensis Whiteaves, 1893
Autoreference   Whiteaves, 1893: 133, pl. 1, figs 1-1a.
Reference   Whiteaves, J.F., 1893. Notes on some marine Invertebrata from the coast of British Columbia. - Ottawa Naturalist 9 (7) : 133-137, 1 pl.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 7.50 mm, L 7.75 mm, D 2.25 mm) not traced. Type locality: Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Quatsino Sound, Forward Inlet, 18-37 m, alive, muddy bottom, leg. Dr G.M. Dawson, 1885.

  Shell up to ca. 30 mm high, thin, circular, weakly inflated, equally convex, sometimes commarginally undulated, equivalve, equilateral, auricles of equal size, unequal in shape, umbonal angle ca. 95 degrees, semi-transparent to opaque, whitish.

  Left and right valve with antimarginal microsculpture and numerous nodulous or squamous radial riblets, more prominent near margin. Posterior auricles continuous with disc and anterior auricle of right valve demarcated from disc with 5-6 squamous radial riblets and commarginal threads. Byssal notch deep, byssal fasciole broad, ctenolium well-developed with 3-6 teeth.

  Macrosculpture rather variable, also smooth (var. randolphi) or reticulated (var. tillamookensis).




Bering Sea, Alaska, Canada, Vancouver Island (TL), California, NW Mexico

Habitat   Living lower littorally and bathyally on soft bottom assemblages, often attached to calcareous algae and often associated with brachiopods, crinoids, coralline or sponge.