Anguipecten superbus

(Sowerby II, 1842)



Solomon Islands, Ontong Java Atoll, 20 m, alive. H - 58.1 mm

Original name   Pecten superbus Sowerby, 1842
Autoreference   Sowerby, 1842: 62, pl. 12, fig. 11.
Reference   Sowerby, G.B. 2nd, 1842. Thesaurus Conchyliorum, or figures and descriptions of recent shells. Part 2. Genera Pecten and Hinnites: 45-80. London.
Type data   Syntypes (pr) The Natural History Museum, London (BMNH 1950.11.14.78-9). Type locality: Unknown.

  Shell up to ca. 70 mm high, usually smaller, solid, somewhat triangularly elongate, weakly inflated, posterior margin longer than anterior, left valve and right valve nearly equally convex, slightly equivalve and somewhat inequilateral, auricles short and nearly equal in size, umbonal angle 85-90 degrees, colour creamy, maculated with dots and streaks (cream, orange, red or brown), right valve paler and more uniform coloured.   

  Both valves sculptured with 20-25 regularly spaced, radial lirae and only a few secondary radial riblets laterally. Microsculpture of very closely spaced, commarginal lamellae. Auricles nearly smooth, anterior auricle of right valve weakly sculptured with radial riblets. Hinge line straight. Inner surface plicated. Adductor scar insertion prominent. Resilifer triangular, erected. Cardinal crura well-developed. Byssal notch shallow in juveniles, nearly absent in adults, byssal fasciole absent. Weak active (functional) ctenolium with 1-3 teeth (juveniles), absent in adults.



Southern Japan southwards to northwestern Australia

Habitat   Living (sub)littorally amongst coral rubble on sandy bottoms.