Similipecten similis

(Laskey, 1811)



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Original name   Pecten similis Laskey, 1811
Autoreference   Laskey, 1811: 387, pl. 8, fig. 8.
Reference   Laskey, J., 1811. Account of North British Testacea. - Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society 1: 370-417.
Type data   Type material not traced, presumably lost. Type locality: E Atlantic, Scotland, Firth of Forth.

  Shell up to ca. 7 mm high, fragile, semi-transparent to opaque, weakly inflated, right valve slightly more convex than left valve, nearly circular, inequivalve, nearly equilateral, auricles nearly equal in size, unequal in shape, anterior auricles with delicate commarginal lamellae, somewhat curved on anterior side, posterior auricles almost smooth and continuous with disc. Internal ribs lacking, rarely rudimentary. Colour variable, with dotch and blotches, also uniform whitish.

  Left valve and right valve usually smooth, left valve rarely weakly commarginally sculptured. Byssal notch shallow, byssal fasciole and ctenolium lacking.



Arctic to tropical eastern Atlantic, Scotland (TL)

Habitat Living lower littorally to upper abyssally on soft bottom assemblages.