Propeamussium rubrotinctum

(Oyama in Kuroda, 1951)




                                                  Figured holotype


Original name   Parvamussium (Parvamussium) rubrotinctum Oyama in Kuroda, 1951
Autoreference   Oyama in Kuroda, 1951: 79, pl. 13, figs 8-10.
Reference   Oyama, K., 1951. Amusiinae in Japan. In: T. Kuroda (ed.), Illustrated catalogue of Japanese shells 13: 79-89.
Type data   Figured holotype (pr: H 16.3 mm, L 16.8 mm, D 4 mm). Type material probable in private collection of Dr K. Oyama at Toba, Japan (I. Hayami, pers. comm.). Type locality: Japan, Shikoku Island, Gulf of Tosa [no further data].

  Shell up to ca. 20 mm high, fragile, semi-transparent, weakly inflated, nearly circular to ovate, left valve slightly more convex than right valve, inequivalve, slightly equilateral, auricles rather small, unequal in size and smooth. Shell coloured with light orange patches and numerous small white dots on left valve, right valve whitish opaque.

  Left valve smooth with minute closely spaced, commarginal lamellae near the ventral margin.

  Right valve with regularly spaced commarginal lirae. Internal ribs generally 10, with an auricular auricle on each side and sometimes with several interstitial rudimentary riblets near the margin (see holotype). Byssal notch small, ctenolium lacking.



Japan(TL), S Cina Sea, E Indonesia, New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands, Norfolk Island, Wallis & Futuna Islands, Vanuatu Archipelago

Habitat  Probably living bathyally on soft bottom assemblages.