Anguipecten picturatus

Dijkstra, 1995




Original name   Pecten aurantiacus Adams & Reeve in Adams, 1850
Autoreference   Adams & Reeve, 1850: 74, pl. 21, fig. 12.
Reference   Adams, A. & L.A. Reeve, 1848-50. In: A. Adams, The zoology of the voyage of the H.M.S. "Samarang": i-x, 1-87. London.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 27 mm, L 24.5 mm) The Natural History Museum, London (BMNH 1950.11.14.8). Type locality: China Sea (= South China Sea).
Description   Shell up to ca. 80 mm high, solid, elongate, weakly inflated and nearly equally convex (right valve slightly more convex than left valve), somewhat wider than high, inequivalve, nearly equilateral, auricles rather small and unequal, umbonal angle ca. 115 degrees, left valve brightly coloured externally with salmon-pink and patterned with paler dots and streaks, right valve yellowish and paler than left valve, internally yellowish.

  Both valves sculptured with regularly arranged, 15-18 radial plicae, with somewhat narrower interspaces as primary ribs, and secondary radial riblets (3-5) on ribs and interspaces in late growth stage. Commarginal lamellae on ribs and interspaced (divided into imbricated scales) and more prominent on right valve. Auricles with 6-12, irregularly spaced, radial riblets covered by commarginal lamellae. Internal rib carinae. Byssal notch shallow, byssal fasciole narrow or nearly lacking, functional ctenolium with 3-5 teeth.




South Cina Sea (TL), southern Japan to northern Australia and South Africa

Habitat   Living (sub)littorally amongst coral rubble on sandy bottoms.

  Anguipecten picturatus nom.nov. for Pecten aurantiacus Adams & Reeve, 1850 (not Pecten aurantiacus J. Sowerby, 1820). See Dijkstra (1995: 15-19).