Hyalopecten neoceanicus

(Dall, 1908)




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Original name   Pecten (Pseudamusium) neoceanicus Dall, 1908
Autoreference   Dall, 1908: 402, pl. 9, fig. 4.
Reference   Dall, W.H., 1908. Reports on the dredging operations off the West coast of Central America to the Galapagos, [...] by the [...] "Albatross" [...]. Reports on the Mollusca and Brachiopoda. - Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University 43(6): 205-487, 22 pls.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 12 mm, L 12 mm, D 4 mm) Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC (USNM 110579). Type locality: E Pacific, SW of Galapagos Islands, 08*07'S, 104*10'W, 3811 m, alive, globigerina ooze, 15.i.1905 ("Albatross" stn 4721).

  Shell up to ca. 14 mm high, thin, opaque, inflated, commarginally undulated, nearly equally convex, oblique, inequivalve, inequilateral, auricles unequal in size and shape, umbonal angle ca. 90 degrees, colour brownish white.

  Left and right valve with four commarginal undulations and similarly reticulately sculptured. Auricles similarly sculptured, sharply pointed and somewhat distinct from disc, anterior auricle of right valve demarcated from disc.

Byssal notch relatively deep, byssal fasciole very narrow, ctenolium very obsolete.



E Pacific, SW Galapagos Islands (TL), Gulf of Panama

Habitat   Living abyssally on soft bottom assemblages.