Delectopecten musorstomi

Poutiers, 1981




lv                       Holotype                        rv (anterior auricle broken off)

Original name   Delectopecten musorstomi Poutiers, 1981
Autoreference   Poutiers, 1981: 331, pl. 1, figs 2-3.
Reference   Poutiers, J.M., 1981. Mollusques : Bivalves. In: Rˇsultats des Campagnes MUSORSTOM. I-Philippines (18-28 mars 1976). - Mˇmoires ORSTOM, Paris, 91: 325-356.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 4.9 mm, L 5.1 mm) Musˇum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (MNHN, not registered). Type locality: Philippines, N of Lubang, 13*57.0'N, 120*16.5'E, 150-159 m, alive, gravel & coral rubble, 21.iii.1976 (MUSORSTOM I stn 18).

  Shell up to ca. 5 mm high, thin, circular, equiconvex, equivalve and equilateral, anterior auricle slightly larger than posterior, umbonal angle ca. 120 degrees, semi-transparent, whitish.

  Left and right valve with antimarginal microsculpture and 14-20 irregularly spaced, scaly radial riblets and delicate, regularly spaced, somewhat crenulated commarginal growth lines. Auricles similar sculptured and continuous with disc. Anterior auricles of right valve demarcated from disc with 4-5 radial ridges and commarginal lamellae. Byssal notch relatively deep, byssal fasciole rather broad, ctenolium well-developed with 2-3 teeth.



Philippines (TL), Indonesia, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island

Habitat   Living bathyally amongst gravel and/or coral rubble.