Laevichlamys multisqualida

Dijkstra, 1994




Original name  Laevichlamys multisqualida Dijkstra, 1994
Autoreference   Dijkstra, 1994: 29, figs 1-6.
Reference   Dijkstra, H.H., 1988. Laevichlamys multisqualida n. sp. from the Philippines. - La Conchiglia/The Shell26(273): 29-32, figs 1-6.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 33.0 mm, L 31.4 mm, D 8.1 mm) Zoological Museum, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (ZMA Moll. 3.95.001). Type locality: Philippines, Bohol Island, Balicasag Island, 120-150 m, alive from 'tangle-nets', 1992.

  Shell up to ca. 33 mm high, weakly inflated, somewhat higher than wide, nearly equivalve and equilateral, auricles strongly unequal in size, umbonal angle ca. 90 degrees, colour creamy-red, brownish and creamy spots, right valve paler, inside mottled and nacreous.

  Both valves sculptured with numerous, closely irregularly spaced radial spiny ribs. Auricles delicate radially sculptured with ca. 10-15 riblets. Byssal notch moderately deep, byssal fasciole narrow. Functional ctenolium on suture (ca. 6-7 teeth).



Philippines (TL)

Habitat  Living upper bathyally amongst coral rubble on sandy bottoms.