Mirapecten moluccensis

Dijkstra, 1988




Original name   Mirapecten moluccensis Dijkstra, 1988
Autoreference   Dijkstra, 1988: 12, figs 1-5.
Reference   Dijkstra, H.H., 1988. Mirapecten moluccensis sp. n. from the Moluccas. - La Conchiglia/The Shell 20(234-5): 12-14.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 28.8 mm, L 29.4 mm, D 8 mm) Zoological Museum, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (ZMA Moll. 3.88.034). Type locality: Indonesia, Moluccas.

  Shell up to ca. 35 mm high, weakly inflated, right valve more convex than left valve, subcircular, nearly equivalve and equilateral, auricles unequal, umbonal angle ca. 90 degrees, colour creamy white with white, red or black spots on ribs, right valve whitish.

  Both valves sculptured with 8-9 rounded nodulous radial ribs. Secondary riblets on primary ribs and interspaces. Commarginal microsculpture throughout. Auricles weakly radially sculptured. Byssal notch moderately deep, byssal fasciole narrow. Functional ctenolium on suture (ca. 5 teeth). Internal rib plicae with delicate radial striae near ventral margin.



Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia (TL), Solomons & Marshall Is.

Habitat  Living (sub)littorally amongst coral rubble on sandy bottoms.