Delectopecten macrocheiricola

(Habe, 1951)




H 14.2 mm

Original name   Palliorum (Delectopecten) macrocheiricola Habe, 1951 [sic]
Autoreference   Habe, 1951: 80.
Reference   Habe, T., 1951. Genera of Japanese shells. Pelecypoda No. 1. Kairui-Bunken-Kankokai, Tokyo. 96 pp. + 192 text-figs.
Type data   Syntypes [as Pseudamusium (Palliolum) vitreum Hiro] (2 pr: H 12.4 mm, L 11.9 mm, D 3.8 mm; H 11.6 mm, L 11.9 mm, D 3.8 mm) possible in Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Wakayama-ken. Type locality: Japan, Wakayama Prefecture, off Kii.

  Shell up to ca. 15 mm high, subcircular, weakly inflated, equiconvex, semi-transparent, whitish, equivalve, equilateral, anterior auricles slightly larger than posterior, umbonal angle ca. 90.

   Left and right valve weakly commarginally undulated and sculptured with delicate antimarginal microsculpture, somewhat coarser marginally. Commarginal macrosculpture nearly absent on central part of disc, a few radial squamous ridges laterally. Posterior auricles continuous with disc. Anterior auricles with 4-6 radial squamous ridges. Byssal notch deep, byssal fasciole rather broad, functional ctenolium well-deleloped with 3-5 teeth.



Japan (TL)

Habitat   Living bathyally, probably byssally attached to substrates or to Macrocheira kaempferi on soft bottom assemblages.
Remarks   Palliorum (Delectopecten) macrocheiricola is a replacement name for Pseudamusium (Palliolum) vitreum Hiro, 1938 (not of Gmelin). In fact it is a new species and not a nomen novum.