Parvamussium liaoi

Dijkstra & Maestrati, 2009




                                                   Holotype (lv)                                                       


Paratype (rv)

Original name   Parvamussium liaoi Dijkstra & Maestrati, 2009
Autoreference   Dijkstra & Maestrati, 2009: 40-42, pl. 1, figs 5-8.
Reference   Dijkstra, H.H. & P. Maestrati, 2009. New bathyal species and records of Pectinoidea (Bivalvia: Propeamussiidae and Pectinidae) from Taiwan. - Bulletin of Malacology 33: 37-54, 36 figs, 1 tab.
Type data   Holotype (H 8.9 mm, L 9.0 mm) National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan (NMNS-5903-001). Type locality: Taiwan, 21*55'N, 120*36'E, 305 m, alive, Warén dredge, leg. Bouchet, Richer de Forges & Chan, 31.vii.2000 (TAIWAN 2000 stn DW 36).

  Shell up to ca. 10 mm high, fragile, almost circular, flattened, inequivalve and equilateral, valves equally inflated, auricles unequal in shape and size, umbonal angle ca. 105 degrees, opaque and whitish.

  Left valve with reticular sculpture of ca. 25 radial riblets and ca. 40 weaker commarginal lamellae. Right valve with closely spaced commarginal lamellae. Internal ribs rudimentary near margin, up to 19. Byssal notch shallow, byssal fasciole narrow, almost lacking.



Taiwan (TL)

Habitat  Shells only at 305-420 m.