Hyalopecten frigidus

(Jensen, 1903)




lv                            Syntype                         rv

Original name   Pecten frigidus Jensen, 1903
Autoreference   Jensen, 1903: 305, fig.
Reference   Jensen, A.S., 1903. Pecten frigidus, nomen pectini profundorum maris polaris incolae novum datum. - Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra Dansk Naturhistorisk Forening i Kj¿benhavn 1904: 305-311.
Type data   Syntypes in Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen (ZMUC, not yet registered). Type locality not specified: Arctic Sea southwards to The Faeroes ("Ingolf" stations 102-105, 110-113, 117-120, 125).

  Shell up to ca. 30 mm high, thin, opaque, weakly inflated, left valve slightly more convex than right valve, anteriorly oblique, higher than wide, inequivalve, inequilateral, auricles unequal in size and shape, umbonal angle ca. 90 degrees, colour dirty white.

  Left and right valve regularly, commarginally undulated and sculpture with numerous delicate, closely spaced, radial lirae, somewhat coarser on the left valve. Auricles small, posterior continuous with disc.

Byssal notch deep, byssal fasciole broad, ctenolium obsolete.



Arctic, Greenland Sea, Barents Sea southwards to Iceland and The Faeroes

Habitat   Living lower bathyally and abyssally on soft bottom assemblages.