Delectopecten fosterianus

(Powell, 1933)



lv                    Holotype                     rv

Original name   Palliolum fosterianum Powell, 1933
Autoreference   Powell, 1933: 370, pl. 40, figs 6, 7.
Reference   Powell, A.W.B., 1933. Two new molluscs of the Pectinidae from 600 to 700 fathoms, four hundred miles West of New Plymouth. - Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 63 (3): 370-372.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 20 mm, L 19.75 mm, D 6 mm) Auckland Museum Institute, Auckland (AIM 70582). Type locality: New Zealand, Taranaki, 644 KM West of New Plymouth, 39*00'S, 168*50'E, 1097-1280 m, alive, attached to cable (CS "Recorder").

  Shell up to ca. 20 mm high, nearly circular, inflated, equiconvex, semi-transparent to opaque, whitish, equivalve, equilateral, auricles nearly equal in size, umbonal angle ca. 125.

   Left and right valve sculptured with delicate antimarginal microsculpture, somewhat coarser marginally, and irregularly spaced commarginal growth lines. Macrosculpture nearly absent, only with a few radial squamous ridges anteriorly on the right valve and sometimes delicate vesicles on the commarginal growth lines. Auricles of left valve identically sculptured and continuous with disc. Anterior auricle of right valve demarcated from disc by a suture, with 4-6 radial squamous ridges. Byssal notch deep, byssal fasciole rather broad, functional ctenolium well-deleloped with 3-5 teeth.



SE Australia, New Zealand (TL)

Habitat   Living bathyally, probably byssally attached to substrates on soft bottom assemblages.