Hemipecten forbesianus

Adams & Reeve, 1849




Original name   Hemipecten forbesianus Adams & Reeve, 1849
Autoreference   Adams & Reeve, 1849: 133, pl. 1, fig. 2.
Reference   Adams, A. & L. Reeve, 1849. Description of a new genus of acephalous Mollusca, of the family Pectinacea, collected by Capt. Sir Edward Belcher during the voyage of H.M.S. "Samarang". - Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London (1848) 16 (188): 133-134.
Type data   Figured syntype (pr: H 29 mm, L 33 mm) The Natural History Museum, London (BMNH 1874.12.11.376). Type locality: Philippines, Sulu Archipelago, ca. 26 m, coral and stony bottom ("Samarang").

  Shell up to ca. 40 mm high (usually smaller up to 20 mm), semi-transparent to opaque, strongly irregularly in outline and shape (nearly circular to obliquely oblong), weakly inflated, left valve slightly inflated, right valve flat, inequivalve, inequilateral, auricles inequal in shape and size.

  Both valves with very fine antimarginal scratches, macrosculpture lacking. Anterior auricle of right valve somewhat declined and demarcated from the disc (other auricles continuous with disc). Byssal notch extremely deep, ctenolium throughout growth with well developed teeth (8-12), outer ligament rather broad and stationary, narrow resilium.




RŽunion, Laccadive and Maldive Islands, western Thailand, southern Japan, Philippines (TL), South China Sea, Indonesia, Western Australia, Coral Sea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island

Habitat   Living littorally, attached on scleractinian coral, usually covered with epiphytic growths on the left valve.