Cyclochlamys austrina

Dijkstra & Marshall, 2008


     Holotype (lv)


Original name  Cyclochlamys austrina Dijkstra & Marshall, 2008
Autoreference   Dijkstra & Marshall, 2008: 24, figs 21, 22A, 22C, 22D.
Reference   Dijkstra, H.H. & B.A. Marshall, 2008. The Recent Pectinoidea of the New Zealand region (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Propeamussiidae, Pectinidae and Spondylidae). - Molluscan Research 28(1): 1-88, 70 figs.
Type data   Holotype (lv: H 1.65 mm) Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (NMNZ M.155885). Type locality: New Zealand, SW South Island, Bradshaw Sound, Bradshaw Basin floor, 45*17.3'S, 167*02.6'E, 415 m, dead, RV 'Munida', 31.v.1997.

  Shell small (holotype) 1.65 mm high, fragile, subcircular, almost equilateral, auricles nearly similar in size and shape, umbonal angle ca. 105 degrees, translucent and colourless.

  Left valve sculptured with widely spaced high, thin commarginal lamellae, traversed by narrower, more closely spaced radial threads, small conical nodules at intersections. Auricles with a few radial threads. Internal riblets lacking.



SW South Island, New Zealand (TL)

Habitat   Shells bathyally on soft bottom assemblages.