Propeamussium andamanense

(Bavay, 1905)




                                          Syntype (lv)


Original name   Pecten (Amussium) andamanense Bavay, 1905
Autoreference   Bavay, 1905: 186, pl. 17, figs 1a-b.
Reference   Bavay, A., 1905. EspŹces nouvelles du genre Pecten provenant de " l'Indian Museum de Calcutta". - Mémoires de la Société Zoologique de France 17: 186-190, pl. 17, figs 1-4.
Type data   Syntype (H 9 mm, L 9 mm) Zoological Survey of India, New Alipore, Calcutta (ZSI M3361/1). Type locality: Andaman Islands.

  Shell up to ca. 10 mm high, weakly inflated, circular, inequivalve, auricles nearly equal and smooth or with fine commarginal lirae. Colour whitish or pale-brown.

  Left valve sculptured with numerous closely spaced prominent radial lirae and delicate commarginal lirae. Right valve with closely spaced commarginal lirae. Internal ribs 7. Byssal notch and ctenolium lacking.



Andaman Islands (TL)

Habitat  Probably living bathyally on soft bottom assemblages.