Propeamussium andamanicum

(Smith, 1894)




Original name   Amussium andamanicum Smith, 1894
Autoreference   Smith, 1894: 172, pl. 5, figs 13-14.
Reference   Smith, E.A., 1894. Natural history notes from H.M. Indian Marine Survey Steamer "Investigator", Ser. 2 (10). Report upon some Mollusca dregded in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. - Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 6, 14: 157-174.
Type data   Lectotype (pr: H 30.2, L 22.4, D 6.4 mm) Zoological Survey of India, New Alipore, Calcutta (ZSI 7418/9), designated by Dijkstra (1995: 15). Type locality: Andaman Sea, 12*59'N, 93*23'10"E, 1249 m, alive, blue mud, 13.xi.1890 ("Investigator" stn 113).

  Shell up to ca. 45 mm high, translucent or hyaline, creamy or whitish, fragile, flattened, elongate, inequivalve, auricles equal and small, with delicate commarginal striations.

  Left valve slightly more inflated than right valve, with prominent commarginal lamellae near ventral margin. Right valve with commarginal lirae. Internal ribs 9-11, gradually enlarged. Byssal notch and ctenolium lacking.



Zanzibar, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Andaman Sea (TL), New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands, Wallis & Futuna, Vanuatu

Habitat  Living bathyally on soft bottom assemblages.