Parvamussium aldeynzeri

Dijkstra, 2004




Original name   Parvamussium aldeynzeri Dijkstra, 2004
Autoreference   Dijkstra, 2004: 128, figs 7-17.
Reference   Dijkstra, H.H., 2004. Two new species of Pectinoidea (Bivalvia, Propeamussiidae and Pectinidae) from the Philippines. - Basteria 67: 127-133, figs 1-17.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 10.2 mm, L 10.1 mm, D 2.1 mm) Zoological Museum, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (ZMA Moll. 4.03.020). Type locality: Philippine Islands, Bohol, Panglao Island, Loac, offshore, 09*35'N, 123*49'E, bathyal depth, tangle nets, alive, leg. local fishermen.

  Shell up to ca. 10 mm high, fragile, semi-transparent, weakly inflated, subcircular, somewhat higher than wide, left valve slightly more convex than right valve, inequivalve, inequilateral, anterior auricles larger than posterior, unequal in shape, internal ribs eleven, colour creamy white.

  Left valve with 13-14 hollow radial lirae and intercalated secondary riblets, weak commarginal sculpture laterally, ventral margin somewhat undulated. Anterior auricle weak radially sculptured, posterior smooth.

  Right valve with closely spaced, delicate commarginal lamellae. Anterior auricle with 5-6 delicate radial riblets and commarginal lamellae laterally, posterior auricle smooth, dorsal margin squamose. Byssal notch shallow, byssal fasciole and ctenolium lacking.



Philippines, Bohol, Panglao Island (TL)

Habitat  Living bathyally on soft bottom assemblages.