Pecten afribenedictus

Kilburn & Dijkstra, 1995




Original name  Pecten afribenedictus Kilburn & Dijkstra, 1995
Autoreference   Kilburn & Dijkstra, 1995: 272, figs 1-9.
Reference   Kilburn, R.N. & H.H. Dijkstra, 1995. A new species of Pecten Müller, 1776, from South Africa, with a note on 'Pecten sulcicostatus var. casa' van Bruggen, 1961 (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Pectinidae). - Annals of the Natal Museum 36: 271-279.
Type data   Holotype (pr: H 56.0 mm, L 64.0 mm, D 23.7 mm) Natal Museum (NMSA A1314/T928). Type locality: South Africa, Natal, off Umkomaas, 30*12'S, 30*48'E, 55 m, alive, scuba-diving, 1978.

  Shell up to ca. 64 mm high, broader than high, subequilateral, strongly inequivalve, moderately heavy, left valve slightly concave, with 11-13 almost flat-topped main ribs, right valve strongly convex, with 14-16 flatly rounded main ribs, closely spaced commarginal lamellae in interspaces and on ribs of left valve. Auricles slightly equal in size. Colour glossy greyish brown, early part creamy, brown flecks or blotches, interior white. Byssal sinus small. Functional ctenolium lacking in adult stage. Internal rib carinae.



SE Africa (TL)

Habitat  Living sublittorally on soft bottom assemblages.